Nice to meet you!

I often get asked if I always knew I wanted to be a designer. The short answer? YES.

My primary passion has always been design, but what sets me apart from others in my field is my acute interest in not only product itself, but also the merchandising and development aspects of building product. With a genuine interest in business results, I work side by side with marketing partners to ensure that the product I manage aligns with complex global market needs. Paying attention to margins and overall cost, I am a conscientious leader that strives in every way to create the best product that meets consumer and business needs. In addition to my design responsibilities, I am passionate about championing best practices, both through design principles and with our factories. Ultimately, I believe it is this combination of design knowledge, communication, and business-minded leadership that makes me excel as a design leader.

Through close mentorship of direct reports, I am able to grow their careers through promotions and raise their value to the company. In addition to design management, I have a record of successful and effective collaboration with cross-functional teams, including marketing, sourcing, finance, and development. This helps ensure that the product I lead not only resonates with consumers, but aligns with cross-departmental business goals.

I enjoy the desert, bad tv, and pumpkin pie.


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